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Past Events 2017

Workshop: Child Labour and its Opponents in Global and Historical Perspective (07.-08.12.2017)

Exhibition: Black Germany 1880-1945 (30.11.2017)

Workshop: Anthropologisches Denken im Wandel (30.11.2017-01.12.2017)

Film Series "Global Migration" (Oktober – December 2017)

Hommage "A cien años de Juan Rulfo" (21.-24.11.2017)

Conference: Poverty in early civilizations: a comparative view (17.-18.11.2017)

Diego Trelles: La procesion infinita (14.11.2017)

Olumide Popoola: When We Speak of Nothing (14.11.2017)

Jornada argentina: Quien dice «yo» en la literatura argentina actual (17.10.2017)

'Student Protest(s) in the Global South: Historical and Current Perspectives' (09.-14.10.2017)

Third Nuba Mountain Language Conference

The South Experience - Critical Discourse and Inequalities: Perspectives from the "lusophone" South (25.-26.09.2017)

Anthropologies of Media and Mobility: Theorizing Movement and Circulations Across Entangeld Fields (14.-16.09.2017)

[sic] Summer Institute Cologne 2017 "Belief/Believe"

The Global South on the Move - Transforming Capitalism, Knowledge and Ecologies (07.-09.06.2017)

Talking Colors in Turkey and Beyond (02.-04.06.2017)

Practice, Effervescence and Rhythm: Technologies of Categorization and the Legacy of the Durkheim School (11.-13.11.2017)

Conference: 'Prehistoric Human Tracks' (11.-13.05.2017)

The Middle East as the Middle Ground? Cultural Interaction in the ancient Middle East revisited (27.-28.04.2017)

Decolonizing Arts Education (28.-29.04.2017)

FEMALE VOICE OF IRAN - Iranian Women Musicians in Transcultural Dialogue (11.02.2017)

The Situationality of Human-Animal Relations: Perspectives from Anthropology and Philosophy (09.-10.02.2017)

Fremd im eigenen Land? Augustinus und die Antikenrezeption im modernen Maghreb (09.-10.02.2017)

Kébir Ammi (Paris): Sur les pas de Saint Augustin und Thagaste (09.02.2017)

Podiumsdiskussion Facetten eines weltoffenen Islams

Samanta Schweblin: Gestochen scharfe Spiegelträume