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Summer school

[sic!] Summer Institute Cologne – 2016: In Situ


[sic!] Summer Institute Cologne is an international summer school that takes place annually at the Theaterwissenschaftliche Sammlung (Theatre Archive) of the University of Cologne and is a joint project with Northwestern University, Evanston, USA. It is co-led by Prof. Peter W. Marx (Cologne) and Prof. Tracy C. Davis (Northwestern University) and invites graduate students of the Humanities from all over the world to come to Cologne to participate in seminars, workshops, and lectures. The topic of [sic!] 2016 was “In Situ”. Seminars in Queer and Film Studies, Sound Studies, Theatre Historiography, and Urbanism Studies shed a light on the topic from different perspectives. The [sic!] Summer school 2016 “In Situ” examined the interrelation of arts and media with locations and concrete situations such as: How can the perception of an object be framed by its locale? What does a performance mean to a specific subculture in an urban space? In which ways do different buildings produce different sounds? From 22 August to 2 September 2016, 45 students from different countries  shared their thoughts, ideas, and provocations in eleven three-hour long seminar sessions. Each seminar was led by a faculty member of the University of Cologne and of Northwestern University, Evanston, USA. The students also took part in guided tours to Cologne’s Old Town and cathedral, boat trips down the river Rhine and in excursions to different sites in North Rhine-Westphalia. Students presented their own research in Poster Presentations and student-led intersections. Substantial funding from Competence Area IV enabled six graduate students from India to be part of [sic!] 2016.

Find more information on our website: http://sic.uni-koeln.de

22 August - 2 September 2016University of Cologne