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Symposium: Roberto Schwarz Beyond Borders

Roberto Schwarz Beyond Borders
International Symposium – 6th/7th June 2024


In the first symposium on Roberto Schwarz (*1938) held in Europe, several aspects of the work of the Brazilian literary critic and essayist will be discussed in an international and interdisciplinary context. The event aims not only at deepening the understanding of issues directly related to his work, but also at strengthening the international network of researchers. The symposium will therefore contribute to the dissemination of Schwarz’ thought as one of the most accurate examples of the potential of dialectical criticism today. Through his analysis of mainly Brazilian themes and writers, Schwarz achieved critical insights that unveil the falsehood of certain ideologies of the so-called capitalist center and challenge conventional understandings of global political and sociocultural relations. In the different panels of this two-day symposium, researchers and specialists from several disciplines and countries will discuss topics such as the role of ideologies and criticism in the Global South, the relationship between aesthetical form and social dynamics, Schwarz’ insertion in current international debates, as well as his interpretations of both literary and theoretical works by important authors of the critical tradition.

Organizer: Claudio Cardinali (Cologne)