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Research Cooperation

International health policy and diplomacy in Uruguay (1880s to 1920s)

Research Cooperation with Adrián Márquez Rabuñal (Stony Brooks University) and Dr. Teresa Huhle (Cologne)


In this joint research endeavor, we explore the global and transnational dimensions of public health policies by focusing on the activities of diplomats in late 19th and early 20th century Uruguay. Combining our research in Uruguayan and German archives and libraries, we join forces to explore the trajectory of Uruguayan physician, public health expert and diplomat Federico Susviela Guarch (1851-1928), who spend large parts of his professional life on different diplomatic positions in Berlin, but also in different Latin American cities, like Rio de Janeiro. During those years, he was one among many Uruguayan diplomats who had a medical formation and interest in public health, and served as a channel for the growing transnational knowledge exchange on epidemics, hygiene, and nutrition, among other topics. We therefore argue that a look at diplomacy is pivotal for understanding the global history of public health in Latin America and Europe. Our joint research will result in a co-authored journal article.



Dr. Teresa Huhle

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