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International Workshop

Multispecies Conviviality


This international workshop brings together scholars from the environmental humanities and researchers in human-animal studies to discuss the theories and practices of conviviality across species lines.
It is framed by three keynotes from international scholars Nicole Seymour (Fullerton, USA), Ben de Bruyn (Louvain, B), and Rodolfo Piskorski (Cardiff, UK) and consists of three working groups with scholars from German and Anglophone Studies, History, Ethnology, and Literature Pedagogy who collaborate on the topics of 'Material Conviviality (Texts, Objects, Practices),' 'Historicizing Conviviality (Gender, Difference, Power),' and 'Teaching Conviviality (Sustainability, Inclusion, Agency)' and explore options for further cutting-edge, interdisciplinary research.

Organisation: Roman Bartosch (