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International Workshop

Representing Networks: Past and Present

Cologne, 5-6 June 2019

Network analysis is gradually gaining momentum in the fields of history and archaeology. A plethora of recent studies is demonstrating that it can advance significantly interpretation of how people, places and ideas were connected and interacted in the past. The aim of this workshop was to develop further the discussion of the potential and limitations of network approaches by placing the focus on representations of networks in the past and present. Departing from a broad interest in approaches to network analysis, the workshop specifically explored questions such as: How are various types of networks displayed on ancient monuments, represented on the ground, and established in written documents? Which effect on our understanding of the past has the modern translation of these networks into graphs, tables and words? What are the theoretical ramifications of modelling representations of networks? To what extent can network analysis contribute to explaining social change?



Prof. Dr. Richard Bussmann

Prof. Dr. Danijela Stefanović

Lena Tambs, M.A.



Fiona Coward, Southampton

Hubertus Münch, Basel

Marja Seire, Leiden

Martin Stark, Aachen

Danijela Stefanović, Belgrade/Cologne

Lena Tambs, Cologne

Allon Wegner, Tel Aviv



Competence Area IV, University of Cologne

Alexander von Humboldt Foundation