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International Workshop

Aventiure: Ereignis und Erzählung

5.-7. September 2019

The conference ‘Aventiure: Ereignis und Erzählung’ examined the circulation of German and French literary texts in the Middle Ages from an intercultural perspective. The starting point was the old French lexeme avanture, which constituted one of the central narratives of courtly literature in the Middle Ages. With this narrative, and its German counterpart, the aventiure, one can observe the transformation of texts across cultural and linguistic borders on the one hand, and a dynamic change in concepts of identity in a diachronic perspective on the other (aventiure as an essential way of life for the nobility in the Middle Ages, whereas the early modern adventure serves as an economic opportunity for the new emerging class of merchants). The focus point was, therefore, both the mobility of patterns of narration beyond cultural boundaries, as well as the interrelation between these narratives and their socio-cultural context.