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International Workshop

Jornada de literatura argentina

22. October 2019

Even if they continue to be regarded as exponents of a national literature, writers today no longer necessarily live and work in their country of origin. This is especially true in Argentina, where international trends and traditions have always been a source of inspiration. Many contemporary Argentine authors write in a different place, sometimes even in a different language, while others deal with their migration background in their own country. The fourth Cologne «Jornada de literatura argentina» brings six of them together: Mónica Müller, who wrote a book about her German father in Buenos Aires; María Negroni, Eduardo Berti and Patricio Pron, who from New York, Bordeaux and Madrid illuminate contemporary Argentine culture and its previous history; Mariana Eva Pérez and María Cecilia Barbetta, who from Germany or even in German look back on the dark times before and during the last Argentine military dictatorship.

The event takes place on 22 October 2019 from 15-19:30 in the Old Senate Hall and offers the opportunity to meet the six authors and to discover their current works. It is directed to doctoral and master's students working on questions of interculturality and transculturality in Latin America, as well as to an urban audience interested in literature and cultural studies.