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International Conference

"Including - Excluding" (September 2019)


Conference's goal and direction:

The international workshop is part of an application for a graduate programme (Graduiertenkolleg) entitled „Anschließen/Ausschließen. Kulturelle Dynamiken jenseits globaler Vernetzung“ (Inclusion/ Exclusion. Cultural Dynamics Beyond Global Networks) which deals with social practices of connecting and excluding in a global standardized world that at the same time regionally and locally particularizes appropriations of modernity. Contributors will critically address the assumption that participating in globalized networks of media, society, economy and culture is the main precondition for social participation. The workshop will cover European, East and Southeast Asian, North- and Southamerican as well as African spaces from early modernity up to the present and the manifold form of local practices of connecting and dis-connecting (and the conceptual framework for describing these practices). It touches upon prominent discussions of “hyperconnectivity” and “information overload” that emerge with the predominant preference for being connected in terms of media, economy and society. It will be discussed to what extent structural forms of overload themselves can partially generate forms of disconnection and exclusion.